Minnesota law enforcement centre deploys on-site solar

The Ramsey County Law Enforcement Centre in St Paul’s, Minnesota, US saw the activation of its roof-mounted on-site solar panel array on Friday.

The wall sized solar panel, manufactured by Solar Skies, will heat the 379,000 square-foot building and offset up to 40 per cent of heat and hot water costs as well as some 15 to 17 metric tons of carbon.
Solar panel
This is the city’s second federally-funded solar-thermal installation aimed at offsetting hot water costs.

District Energy, TKDA and Sheehy Construction designed and installed a $2.1 million, 1.1-megawatt system on the St. Paul RiverCentre a year ago.

District Energy, a private, non-profit energy producer, currently heats the Law Enforcement Center using power plants that burn a combination of biomass energy — mostly salvaged wood — and a smaller percentage of traditional fossil fuels.

Mayor Chris Coleman said efforts to produce cleaner energy that does not create greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming were overdue.

“The science is overwhelming,” Coleman said. “The earth is in crisis.”

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