Microprocessor-based protection unit

    Microprocessor-based protection unit

    The TPU(TM)-2000 is a microprocessor-based transformer protection unit. TPU-2000 offers protection, metering and monitoring for all three-phase, two-winding power transformers. It provides a comprehensive array of relay functions designed specifically to protect and prolong the operating life of transformers, while offering extensive metering and system monitoring capabilities.

    Part of TPU-2000`s features includes three modes of user selectable differential protection for fast and secure response to internal transformer faults. It also uses three modes of user selectable harmonic restraint that prevent tripping on transformer energizing or over excitation.

    The TPU supports multiple communication protocols for remote monitoring and networking.

    Additional features include: nine-use selectable curves for phase and ground overcurrent functions; programmable outputs for separation of differential and O/C tripping and alarm customization; load profile capability showing up to 160 days of information for load trending and system planning; accurate metering of peak and demand currents on the winding of the user`s choice; advanced Windows-based oscillographic wave form analysis using analog and digital event data; event recording of the last 32 events and/or alarms; and self diagnosis to assure maximum reliability.

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