• Three halls of exhibition space comprising the top names in the international power industry, the event which combines POWER – GEN Europe also includes multi-track conferences Renewable Energy World Europe and POWERGRID Europe.
  • A joint keynote session featuring senior representatives from leading utilities and power engineering giants including Guiseppe Zampini, CEO of Ansaldo Energia and the highly-engaging Jacob Klimstra, industry specialist with Wartsila Power Plants.
  • A set-piece plenary discussion chaired by the BBC’s Energy & Environment correspondent, Roger Harrabin, who will be putting tough questions relating to the power industry’s response to the challenge of climate change, to a panel of industry experts.
  • The COSPP Pavilion, a dedicated area within the exhibition floor specifically targeted at the widening market for cogeneration and on-site power.
  • The PennWell Global POWER-GEN Community stand will make the most efficient use of visitors’ time at the show, enabling them to search by company name, product, country, category, keyword or phrase. After the show visitors can still access all of the information online at www.globalpowergen-community.com
  • A technical tour to the Varese renewable energy-powered town. In conjunction with the development of a renewable energy infrastructure, the town has also launched initiatives to make Varese 100 per cent sustainable. A total of 108 organic farms now supply 98 per cent of the town’s food; water is purified using environmentally friendly technology and waste has been significantly reduced.
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