Listen or you’ll pay the price, Thai govt. warned


Oct. 29, 2000 (Bangkok Post)à‚–A former member of a public hearing panel yesterday warned the government violence and escalating conflict would increase if it continues to ignore the peoples’ concerns over power plant projects.

Warin Thiemcharas was referring to the planned construction of Bo Nok and Hin Krut power plants, which was stalled because the government failed to convince locals that coastal ecosystems and air quality would be protected.

Choi Tantiworatham, kamnan of tambon Bo Nok, insisted the locals did not want the plant and rejected claims from the project owner that correct procedures were strictly observed.

It is clear the local community’s constitutional right to manage natural resources was ignored, he said.

The scheme’s environmental impact assessment study still did not have National Environment Board approval, Mr Choi added.

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