Kuala Langat IPP enters full operation

    Kuala Langat IPP enters full operation

    A 720 MW combined-cycle cogeneration power plant, one of Malaysia`s first independent power producers (IPP), has entered full commercial operation at Kuala Langat, 45 miles south of Kuala Lumpur. Genting Sanyen Power Sdn. Bhd. awarded ABB Power Generation a turnkey design and build contract for the project in January 1994. The plant was originally scheduled for completion in April 1996, but ABB brought it into commercial operation on Jan. 16, 1996, three months ahead of schedule.

    Kuala Langat power station is located within the confines of Genting Sanyen`s paper mill complex. In addition to supplying power to the national grid, the plant provides 15.8 kilograms per second of process steam at 6 bar to the paper mill.

    The facility has three 145 MW GT13E2 gas turbines and one 248 MW steam turbine and generators. The plant was built in phases, with the first phase consisting of installation of the complete power train of the three gas turbines and commissioning of the plant in open cycle on natural gas.

    The second phase required the plant to run on diesel oil as a backup fuel. The third phase added the heat-recovery steam generator and steam turbine for conversion to combined-cycle operation. ABB also holds the operation and maintenance contract for six years, guaranteeing a minimum plant availability of 90 percent in open cycle and 86 percent in combined cycle.

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