Kohler rolls out two new lines of generators

Kohler, manufacturers of a wide range of electrical power systems and gensets, has introduced two new groups of generators. The first, a series of four-stroke, diesel-powered generators in the 450 – 2000 kW range and secondly, a line-up of five environmentally friendly, emissions compliant generators in the 230 – 350 kW range.

The larger gensets are built around Detroit Diesel/MTU Series 2000 engines, while their smaller counterparts are built around the Series 60 fuel-efficient engines. Both sets combine turbocharging and/or air-to-air charge cooling for high engine performance with low emissions.

Electronic engine management and isochronous governing systems come as standard, offering precise frequency regulation.

In addition to excellent load response, Kohler`s permanent magnet excited generator (PMG) offers superior short-circuit capabilities.The alternator provides sustained short-circuit current up to 300 per cent of rated current for up to 10 seconds. This enables downstream circuit breakers to trip without causing the generator field to collapse.

With the larger new models Kohler now has 11 environmentally friendly models in the ROZD-4/REOZD-4 industrial range (450-2000 kW).