31 Jan 2002 – Hitachi and Electric Power Development have jointly developed the world’s first high-voltage, large-capacity inverter system to control ventilation fans in thermal power plants. If the system, which is currently in testing, proves successful, the companies plan to commercialize production.

The system automatically regulates the number of revolutions of fan motors in accordance with the amount of power generated, reducing the fans’ power consumption by 20-70 per cent.

The system is being tested at Electric Power Development’s 700 MW power plant in Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture, where it is projected to reduce annual expenses by
40m yen ($300 000).

Thermal power plants change the air flow of fans used to expel exhaust gas from boilers in order to adjust power output in response to fluctuations in demand. But in the past, fan motors have continued to revolve at constant rates even when the air flow was adjusted, creating substantial energy loss. The new inverter system overcomes this problem.