Integrating color camera

The KCD-1 digital integrating color camera is specifically designed for remote visual inspection with fiberscopes and borescopes. The KCD-1 has a one-half-inch CCD color chip and a compact camera control unit with advanced features. Digital integration technology allows the camera to capture images at light levels that are impossible for standard video cameras used in RVI. The CCD chip can be exposed for longer periods–from 20 milliseconds to 12.5 seconds–achieving clear, detailed color images at light levels as low as 2.0 mlux. The camera`s sensitivity also makes possible the use of smaller, more portable light sources–including those operating on 12-V dc, with no loss of detail. Camera has advanced two-dimensional image enhancement that makes fine details more apparent and easier to find. High signal-to-noise ratio means the KCD-1 has approximately one-half the noise of other cameras. Moving images can be captured with the freeze-frame feature, either field or frame selectable. Onboard memory can hold one image in memory for comparison with the freeze-frame image.

Olympus America Inc.

Industrial Fiberoptics Division