Infinia Corporation has announced the company’s partnership with CDM Smith to provide a 1.5 MW installation of Infinia’s concentrating solar product – the PowerDish – at the Tooele Army Depot (TEAD), Tooele, Utah in the US.

Backed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Tooele installation is Infinia’s largest commercial, utility-scale PowerDish deployment.

Tooele Army Depot

The PowerDish, based on Infinia’s proven free-piston Stirling generator platform of energy production products, is an innovative grid inter-connected solar power-generating product that converts the sun’s heat into electricity, without the use of water.

Groundbreaking for the Tooele Army Depot project will be held on August 17, 2012.

Once complete, the solar array will be spread among 17 acres and reduce energy consumption from the local utility, providing TEAD with a significant portion of their electricity needs.

Located in Tooele County, Utah, TEAD is currently the Department of Defense’s western region conventional ammunition hub for the storage, receipt, issue, maintenance, and demilitarization of ammunition.

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