IKEA Italy goes for on-site solar power

Q.CELLS has received an order for 7 Megawattpeak (MWp) of solar modules in Italy by IKEA.

In a statement Q.CELLS announced that their CIGS thin-film modules, known as Q.SMART, will be installed on the roof-top of the main warehouse of IKEA in the Northern Italian town of Piacenza within the coming months.

The project was developed together with the Italian companies F.lli Zaffaroni and GreenPowerTech.

‘We are very proud of this order, which not only emphasises on our strong Italian footprint but shows, that leading brands like IKEA identify themselves with the high-quality and long-performing products of Q.CELLS”, said Ciro Ahumada, Senior Vice President of Q.CELLS Europe. ‘Our Q.SMART thin-film modules engineered-in-Germany convince by their strong output especially in the hot climate of Italy as well as by their fine black aesthetics.”

Q.SMART holds the world record for thin-film modules in serial production since 2009 with efficiencies of up to 14.7% (aperture area) out of series production.

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