BERLIN—The Hamburg-based power utility Hamburgische Electricitaets-Werke’s (HEW) attempt to buy a stake in Berlin-based Bewag was blocked recently by a Berlin court. E.ON, a major Bewag shareholder, had planned to sell a 49-percent stake in Bewag to HEW.

According to Peter Kurth, Berlin’s finance senator, the court injunction had been issued because Berlin city authorities have to give permission before E.ON can sell its interest in Bewag. Bewag’s future will be discussed in further talks with E.ON according to Kurth. At that time, both sides will put forward ideas regarding the future of Bewag.

HEW spokesman, Johannes Altmeppen, said that he was optimistic about the outcome of the talks. HEW would continue to press ahead with its strategic goal of strengthening Bewag and Berlin as an industrial site according to the spokesman. A purchase of Bewag by HEW made sense and is in the interests of all concerned.

E.ON was not immediately able to comment on the injunction, since the company’s lawyers were not available.

A spokesman for the municipal authorities in Berlin was not able to provide the exact date when further talks with E.ON would take place.