HEP to power Windsor Castle

Two giant turbines ” based on a 2000-year-old design by Greek mathematician and engineer Archimedes of Syracuse ” have been lifted into the River Thames to generate power for Windsor Castle.

Lowered into Romney Weir by crane after months of preparation, the pair of 40-ton steel ‘screws’ will provide almost all the electricity needs of the royal estate.

The Archimedes screws have cost à‚£700000 each to make and another à‚£1million to install. They will provide the palace’s power needs ” the equivalent of 400 homes ” for up to 90 per cent of the time

With the last of the two turbines now in place, the project team needs to get them wired up and ready to begin converting the energy from the fast-flowing Thames.

The 4m-diameter turbines will be powered by falling water from the weir.

It is estimated that they will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 790000 kilos per year and be operational within just over a month.

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