H-technology for 800 MW Scriba plant

GE`s advanced gas turbine H-technology is to be employed for the first time in the USA in a $400m project. Sithe and GE is to construct and operate a 800 MW natural gas fired plant known as the Heritage power station in Scriba, New York, USA.

The H-technology turbines developed by GE and the US Department of Energy is the most efficient gas turbine in the world, capable of net efficiencies of 60 per cent.

Sithe`s Heritage Station is seen as the perfect venue for the new technology. The planned facility marks an expansion of the company`s generating capacity in Scriba, site of Sithe`s 1040 MW Independence Station.

Sithe will initiate the permitting process by submitting final application to the State of New York this autumn. Construction would begin in the last quarter of 2000, with operations and testing projected to commence in the last quarter of 2002.