Caterpillar expands its US production range

Caterpillar’s Newberry manufacturing facility in South Carolina is to expand its range of diesel generator sets in the 10-200 kW range. First off the line are the D25-D100 gensets, and the XQ30-XQ100 rental packages, all powered by the Cat C3.3 and C4.4 engines. The D125-D175 generator sets, powered by the C6.6 engine will follow.

Enclosure for Caterpillar’s 4-cylinder, 4.4-litre Cat 4.4 engine
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The company’s new range of genset models and rental packages are all engineered for enhanced performance, lower emissions and reduced footprint.

Caterpillar’s Newbury facility was opened in October 2005. In addition to the diesel powered gensets, the 10-100 kW natural gas powered gensets will continue to be assembled at the Newberry facility, meeting the needs of smaller retail operations, homes, farms and municipal authorities.

Biogas engine fires GE’s Ecomagination

GE’s Jenbacher biogas fuelled engines have received GE’s own Ecomagination certification after completing the company’s rigid environmental and operational evaluation process.

Ecomagination products are evaluated for their ability to significantly and measurably improve the customer’s environmental and operating performance.

GE’s biogas fuelled engines are the second Jenbacher product line to receive Ecomagination certification, joining GE’s coal mine methane (CMM) gas-to-energy application.

GE offers its specially modified Jenbacher engine systems, providing the right combination of durability, advanced combustion and monitoring capabilities, to manage the challenging conditions of changing fuel quality and supply. This combination makes biogas and coal mine methane not only environmentally but also economically attractive.

More than 450 Jenbacher engines are operating on biogas worldwide.

The power of sport

GE has been selected as an official partner for the 15th Asian Games that will take place in Qatar this December. GE will provide 100 MW of temporary power generation for 40 venues around Doha involving approximately 250 generators, 100 km of cabling and 1000 distribution panels.

Power for the course: Aggreko installs a temporary power generator for the Ryder Cup
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Equipment for what will be the largest sporting event ever held in Asia, began arriving in July and installation will take around 100 days. GE also will provide emergency back-up generators to the main power supply network.

In Europe, Aggreko will be undertaking the task of providing the power infrastructure and climate control for golf’s Ryder Cup, which takes place at the K Club in County Kildare, Ireland in September. This much anticipated battle between teams comprising Europe’s and America’s golfers will require 9 MW of back-up generators, 4 km of mains cabling and a further 5 km of sub-distribution extension cables.