New gas generator set launched for distributed generation and CHP applications

Caterpillar Inc. has launched a new natural gas-fueled generator set, designed for maximum efficiency in extended-duty distributed generation and combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

Driven by a Cat electronically controlled, lean-burn gaseous fueled reciprocating engine and operating on the Miller Combustion Cycle, the new G3520E generator set is designed to offer a high power density and excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining tight NOx control when operating on pipeline gaseous fuels. It provides flexibility to operate on pipeline natural gas with a wide range of methane numbers without sacrificing efficiency and performance, and delivers an ISO mechanical efficiency of up to 43.8 per cent with water pumps.

The new G3520E generator set is designed for applications in which low long-term operating cost is the key driver of return on investment
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The Cat G3520E generator set operates at 60 Hz/1200 r/min, is rated at 1600 kW, and has a standard NOx emissions rating of 1.0 g/bhp-hr at a separate circuit aftercooler (SCAC) inlet water temperature of 43°C. It is built on a heavy-duty diesel-based platform and uses an advanced camshaft and turbocharger design to achieve high mechanical efficiency. It additionally features an open combustion chamber design, which allows for a low-pressure fuel system (0.5 to 5 psi/10 to 35 kPa).

“The G3520E generator set is designed for applications in which low long-term operating cost is the key driver of return on investment,” said Michael A. Devine, gas product marketing manager with the Electric Power Group of Caterpillar Inc. “Those include medium hour peak sharing applications as well as extended-hour CHP applications including base load, peaking and cogeneration.”

The Cat G3520E generator set includes a digital microprocessor Gas Engine Control Module, which automatically and precisely regulates ignition, engine governing and air/fuel ratio for optimum fuel economy and stringent NOx control. Its patent pending, technologically advanced air/fuel ratio control monitors charge air density and maintains NOx within tight tolerances under a variety of ambient and load conditions. It features an individual-cylinder detonation sensing and timing control, with a prechamber-type spark plug design for extended service life without adjustment. Additional functionality includes an emergency stop fuel purge cycle, engine start-up and shutdown logic and control, and programmable protective relaying functions.