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A mechanically injected, modular unit, the 24V-71TA engine is rated for standby power sets of 900 kWe and 1,000 kWe at 60 Hz and for prime power sets of up to 1,000 KVa at 50 Hz. The 20V-149TIB engine is suitable for 1,750 kWe standby application at 60 Hz. Both models use a modular assembly concept which provides proven components; interchangeable common parts with other engine configurations of the same series; service technicians use existing tools to maintain the engine; and lower rebuild costs at overhaul time. Standard on the 20V-149TIB is the Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls, which features unaided starting at reduced temperatures, integral engine protection, simplified engine diagnostics, reduced visible exhaust smoke, combustion process assistance, and reduced emissions levels.

Detroit Diesel

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