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GE, Raytheon building barge-mounted combined-cycle plant in Dominican Republic

GE, Raytheon building barge-mounted combined-cycle plant in Dominican Republic

GE Industrial & Power Systems (GEIPS) and Raytheon Engineers & Constructors are supplying equipment and services for a 186-MW barge-mounted combined-cycle plant for Smith/Enron Cogeneration Ltd. under a (US)$120 million turnkey contract.

Phase I of the project, a barge-mounted, simple-cycle gas turbine system, is being tested for commercial start-up at 76 MW. The barge was constructed in the Trinity shipyard in Beaumont, Texas, USA, and delivered to the project site in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, on May 10, less than six months after the contract signing.

The facility will be augmented with a second barge carrying a steam turbine-generator, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and two power boilers in Phase II of the project. Combined-cycle commercial operation is scheduled to begin in July 1995, bringing the plant to 186 MW.

“Although we have built smaller barge-mounted power plants in the past, we believe Puerto Plata will be the first combined-cycle plant to be mounted on a barge,” said William Wert, GEIPS Americas vice president. The plant is expected to eliminate blackouts and to provide additional power to attract new industry to the area.

Smith Cogeneration of Oklahoma City, Okla., USA, worked with Raytheon and GE for one year in pre-construction engineering during the development phase. GE is providing plant conceptual design, combined-cycle performance guarantees and major power island equipment, including a MS7001EA gas turbine-generator, a 118-MW steam turbine-generator, an HRSG and a plant distributed control system. Raytheon is providing engineering and design services, electrical and mechanical equipment, installation and erection services, and start-up and testing services. The plant will burn distillate fuel in the gas turbine and residual fuel in the power boilers. The combined HRSG and power boiler steam will be sent to the steam turbine.

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