GE and Jenbacher sign agreement

GE Power Systems has become Jenbacher`s distributor for its natural gas engines, gensets and cogeneration systems for power generation and industrial applications.

Under the terms of the agreement, GE Power Systems will be the exclusive distributor for the Americas for most applications, and will offer Jenbacher products on a non-exclusive basis in other parts of the world.

Jenbacher will continue to sell products to the Americas directly for biogas applications and for certain CHP (combined heat and power) plants. GE will provide service and spare parts for these direct sale projects.

Robert L. Nardelli, President and CEO of GE Power Systems, said: “The Jenbacher deal is an example of GE`s strategy to bring technologies to market quickly. Combined with our recent deals including microturbines, fuel cells and heavy fuel diesel engines, it broadens our product offering basket in the 0 to 30 MW small power generation arena, and prepares us for meeting the increasing demand for distributed power generation.”

The high cycle and combined cycle efficiency offered by the Jenbacher products complement GE`s small gas turbine product offerings and will allow GE to offer the ideal technical solution to customers depending upon heat load and duty cycle.

The Jenbacher Series 3 and 6 engines are relatively new on the market and are claimed to offer the best performance ratings for their output range of any high speed gas turbine builder. According to the manufacturer, they are considered the benchmark for electrical efficiency.