Future-proofing Europe’s power generation

Cummins gen-set

Highlighting upcoming European emissions legislation, equipment manufacturer Cummins Power Generation has launched a line of low-emission power systems designed for the European market.

Member States have already implemented some emissions regulations, said Adam Sidders, EMER marketing manager at Cummins, but there is a lack of regulatory cohesion in the European market as a whole, and emission regulations in the wider EMER region vary widely, including no regulation in some places.

Cummins gen-set

Although there are currently no EU-wide emission regulations in place for stationary high horsepower generator sets (>1 MW), such regulations are expected from 2019.

The new regulations are expected to resemble Germany’s ‘TA Luft’ emissions regulations, in place since 1986 but revised in 2002 with more stringent criteria.

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