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FuelCell Energy sell first stationary power plant

FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:FCEL) has announced that FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH (Germany) has sold their first stationary fuel cell power plant, a sub-megawatt DFC250-EUà‚®, to BAM Deutschland AG.

The technology is destined for installation at the new Federal Ministry of Education and Research government complex in Berlin, Germany.

Under a ten year service contract, FCES will service and operate the power plant from a service operations center that is staffed around the clock, 365 days per year.

“The (German) energy transition will be only successful if we push for the development of necessary technologies,” said Cornelia Quennedt-Thielen (pictured), State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. “I am convinced that fuel cells play an important role for the future energy supply. This fuel cell power plant will demonstrate the value of fuel cell technology for the energy supply of large buildings.”

“The Ministry required a state-of-the-art office complex that incorporates the latest advances in energy efficiency and sustainability and a fuel cell power plant is an important part of our overall solution to meeting these demanding requirements,” said Dr.-Ing. Markus Koch, BAM Deutschland AG.

“Located near the Reichstag Parliamentary building and the offices of the German Chancellor, this office complex and its fuel cell power plant is in a prominent location for developing awareness of the benefits of efficiency and environmentally friendly fuel cell power generated on-site.”

A variety of innovative energy concepts are set to be incorporated including thermo-active cooling/heating blankets in the ceilings, LED technology for lighting and large scale solar panels. An intelligent network (i.e. smart grid) will be incorporated throughout the 54,000 square meter complex to manage the individual service elements.

The power plant will utilize high efficiency and virtually pollution-free fuel cell power to meet approximately 40 percent of the electrical and 20 percent of the thermal power needs of the complex.

For this application, the heat will be used to generate steam for facility heating in the winter and will support an absorption chiller for cooling in the warmer months.

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