Fuel Cell CHP Plant Delivered to German Ministry

Fuel cell power plant provider FuelCell Energy Solutions (FCES) has announced delivery of a combined heat and power plant to the German education and research ministry’s Berlin office complex, which is currently under construction.

FCES will install the power plant inside the office complex and commissioning is expected in mid-2014.

Fuel cell

The plant will generate 250 kW to supply approximately 40 per cent of the office building’s electricity needs and 20 per cent of its thermal needs. Heat from the plant will be used to generate steam for facility heating and absorption chilling.

The company says its technology is fuel-neutral and can use natural gas, renewable biogas, directed biogas and other fuels such as propane. The Berlin power plant will be fueled with natural gas.

Founded in 2012, FCES is a joint venture of Fraunhofer IKTS and US-based FuelCell Energy Inc. The company is headquartered in Dresden and has opened a manufacturing facility in Ottobrun to serve the European market.à‚ 

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