Former politician and banking boss to head UK energy group

The current chief of the British Bankers’ Association is to take over the helm at Energy UK, Britain’s newest power industry trade group.

Angela Knight went into the financial services industry following a career in politics ” she was Economic Secretary to the Treasury from 1995-1997. She will take up her post at Energy UK in July.

Energy UK was formed in April and represents around 70 energy companies, from small electricity generators and energy services companies to large utilities.

Current chief executive David Porter said that Knight would bring “a vast amount of wisdom and insight from her time in politics and business”.

Knight said: “Like financial services, energy plays a vital role in the social and economic fabric of our society and we need new and established companies in the sector to thrive and prosper in the UK’s competitive market.”

Energy firms in the UK face similar problems of trust and consumer confidence as the banking sector and Knight added: “I want to see Energy UK help deliver investor confidence in the UK and to work with the industry to improve its reputation.à‚ We have to acknowledge companies don’t always get things right, but we also need to ensure that what they do well is not overlooked.”

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