First data centre hydrogen-fuelled back-up power system inaugurated

Helion, an Areva subsidiary that specialises in the use of hydrogen and energy storage, has inaugurated what it says is the “world’s first” hydrogen-fuelled back-up system ata data centre in France.

With a power rating of 30 kW and based on innovative fuel cell technology, the electrical back-up power system, which is located at one of à‚ Modul’Data Center’s data centre, has many benefits to offer says Areva.

In addition to emitting zero CO2, it also offers improved reliability compared to conventional backup power solutions and requires very little maintenance.

According to Areva, this technical innovation will enable data centres across the world to benefit from a new set of options for guaranteeing the continuity of their electrical power supply, especially in location where the supply is not be reliable, or even exist.

Jerome Gosset, Helion’s president said: “This solution showcases our expertise in the manufacturing of reliable equipment for industrial use and in our ability to master an innovative technology which reduces the environmental impact of data centers.

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