Based on the increasing demand for the new technology and with the purpose of expanding to support new markets, Oilon has decided to invest in South America.

Finnish company Oilon is to establish a unit in Brazil with the intention to supply oil and gas burners and heat pumps manufactured by the group as well as develop activities related to maintenance and supply of spare parts to the local market.

In a press statement the company says it is responding to an increasing demand for clean energy solutions in Latin America.

Operations in Brazil will start in the beginning of 2012, when the director  Mr. Johan Tallberg, will be relocated to manage South American operations and activities. Oilon Brasil Energia Ltda. will be operating in the city of Campinas, located 100km away from São Paulo.

“Campinas will be our South American headquarters, the same way the city of Wuxi in China centralizes our operations in Asia. From Campinas we will supply and promote the products and services to all South America”, says Johan Tallberg.

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