FERC installs audio searching software for energy investigations

Sept. 17, 2002 — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has contracted with Aspen Systems Corp. to use Fast-Talk’s high-speed audio searching technology to help with ongoing energy investigations.

Aspen Systems is part of Fast-Talk’s reseller program and plans to leverage Fast-Talk solutions for audio mining applications.

FERC is responsible for regulating the transmission, and sale or resale of a variety of energy resources such as natural gas, oil, electricity and hydroelectric power in interstate commerce, and is using Fast-Talk technology to search audio content in ongoing investigations related to these markets.

“Both public and private sector customers are excited to use Fast-Talk’s unique technology for a variety of applications like indexing and searching audio deposition transcripts, and real time monitoring of phone calls for code words and specific phrases,” said Stan Morgenstein, Aspen’s director of legal services.

“We anticipate strong sales in the surveillance, homeland security, legal, law enforcement, corrections institution and information management markets.”

Located in Rockville, Md., Aspen will market and sell Fast-Talk’s audio search technology directly, and will integrate it into other COTS systems to provide turnkey solutions.

“Aspen has a proven track record as a reseller and systems integrator,” said Rich Chaloux, vice president federal sales at Fast-Talk. “I am extremely confident in the company’s ability to provide critical solutions for our customers in the Washington, D.C. market.”

About Fast-Talk

Fast-Talk’s unique audio searching technology enables extremely accurate, high-speed searching of audio and video content. Based on identifying phonemes — the smallest units of speech — Fast-Talk audio searching technology can identify and retrieve any word, proper name, or phrase, regardless of various accents, dialects, and slang without converting speech to text.

Fast-Talk’s patent-pending technology is being utilized in government and commercial markets for media asset management, real-time monitoring and alerting, and call center quality assurance. This proprietary phonetic technology was developed over five years at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Fast-Talk is a privately held company based in Atlanta. For more information visit www.fast-talk.com.

About Aspen

Aspen Systems Corp. is 40+ years old, employee-owned, and forecasting FY 2002 revenues of over $150 million. It has over 2,100 professionals working in twenty-six offices, nationwide. Aspen derives approximately 90% of its revenues from federal agencies, particularly from the Departments of Justice, Housing and Urban Development, Health & Human Services, and Education.

Its corporate qualifications include systems integration, systems implementation, Web site development and hosting, subject matter expertise in each of its major client areas, and litigation support. For more information visit www.aspensys.com.

Source: Fast-Talk

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