Ex-Enel chief forced to resign to confront allegations

    The former head of Enel has stepped down from the board of Italy’s biggest insurance group Assicurazioni Generali, as he attempts to fight allegations connected with his stewardship of the Italian utility.

    Scaroni suspended himself from the board on May 15 after a court sentenced him to three years in prison over inadequate environmental standards at a power plant when he was CEO at Italian utility Enel. Scaroni said he was not guilty of the charges and appealed the sentence.
    “This decision is linked to Scaroni’s recent professional appointments which make it difficult to serve as Board member with the due dedication and might cause conflicts of interests,” Generali said.

    Mr Scaroni, who ran Enel between 2002 and 2005, said he had “always operated within legal standards“. He was found guilty of failing to prevent air pollution at the coal-burning plant.

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