European Parliament’s heating and cooling recognition applauded

The European Parliament has proclaimed its support of district heating and cooling.

Euroheat & Power1 have welcomed the Parliament’s vote on the “Energy Roadmap 2050” highlighting the importance of the heating and cooling sector in decarbonising energy supply in Europe.

European Parliament
Sabine Froning, Managing Director of Euroheat & Power, commented on the Parliament’s decision: “Finally the European Parliament recognises that existing technologies like District Heating and Cooling are capable of decarbonising European heat demand in a cost-effective way.

Together with our partners from the Heat Coalition, regrouping 11 international organisations, we trust that the European Commission as well as the heads of state and government will recognise the necessity to adequately address the heating and cooling sector when debating future targets and policies”.

Heat represents nearly half of final energy consumption in Europe.

However, as noted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its 2012 edition of the Energy Technology Perspectives: “Heating and cooling remain neglected areas of energy policy and technology, but their decarbonisation is a fundamental element towards a low carbon economy.”

District cooling and heating agencies expect the decision to ensure the industry is given serious future consideration, particularly for the post 2020 European framework.

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