EU single power market won’t happen without energy price action -RWE

    The head of European power market design and regulation at RWE (FWB:à‚ RWE), William Webster, says that national support for renewable energy is a threat to the objective of a single European power market.

    Measures such as guaranteed electricity prices, are pinpointed by the RWE chief as one of the biggest threats to the European Union’s goal to create a single power market by 2014, reports Blomberg.


    So-called national capacity mechanisms may also affect energy prices and undo the results of market coupling, bringing about a re-fragmentation of the internal market, according to Mr. Webster speaking at an energy conference in London.

    Capacity markets allow utilities to fix prices for guaranteeing backup power supply in advance, boosting margins for gas- and coal-fired plants as renewables output rises.

    “We won’t see a single European price by 2014,” Webster said. “The European Commission would be happy to see day-ahead price-coupling and a functioning intraday market for power.”

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