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Equipment Roundup

Three new products from Alstom

Alstom’s MiCOM products provide flexible, economic and reliable control and monitoring solutions
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Alstom has released three new products for secondary distributed automation. The MiCOM C922 small remote terminal unit (RTU) is a flexible solution for small substations. It offers up to 88 digital inputs, 40 digital outputs and eight analogue measurements, with built-in circuit breaker and transformer control and monitoring capabilities. Internal battery charger and communication modems are also available.

The MiCOM is based on a modular and flexible architecture, and can be equipped with up to two SCADA links and downstream communications to intelligent electrical devices (IEDs).The MiCOM C922 has a large liquid crystal display screen allowing for lines of 20 characters to be displayed simultaneously. The product comes as a standard 177 x 206 x 80 mm size, or an extended 177 x 206 x 160 mm size.

The MiCOM C622 and MiCOM C122 DAC are based on the MiCOM C922. The MiCOM C622 is a version of the MiCOM C922 which includes PLC logic capability.

The MiCOM C122 DAC is a combination of hardware and software which is designed for long-term outdoor or indoor operations, and gives customers a complete turnkey solution. The C622 can also include PLC logic capability.

The MiCOM C122 DAC comprises a rugged and compact outdoor cabinet, containing C922 or C622 plus batteries, electric heater, modem for radio, GSM and PSTN, transducers, mini-thermic circuit breakers and process connectors, and is specially designed for overhead switch control applications.

These products provide flexible, economical and reliable control and monitoring solutions for electric, gas or water distribution systems and can bring substantial cost savings to utilities

New wideband analyser

The WT1600 incorporates two high accuracy, 3-phase power meters in a benchtop enclosure
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Yokogawa Martron Ltd. has designed the new WT1600 wideband digital analyzer which is packaged with two high accuracy, 3-phase power meters into a benchtop enclosure.

The WT 1600 will accept up to six plug-in measurement modules, each incorporating a voltage and current input enabling the user to carry out tests on two three-phase systems simultaneously.

The basic instrument can measure DC currents up to 50 A, but external shunts and transformers allow much higher currents to be measured. The most sensitive current range is 10 mA, which allows accurate readings to be obtained in very low power consumption applications.

The bandwidth of the WT1600 is 1 MHz which allows full coverage of high frequency power electronic devices. Low frequency measurement is possible down to 0.5 Hz to cover frequency convertor applications.The instrument also includes standard harmonic analysis functions to evaluate product compliance with new CE regulations, and a motor evaluation option can be added and used in conjunction with a torque meter to measure motor efficiency using dynamometer test rigs. The results can be monitored on a colour TFT screen which displays both numerical data and allows voltage and current inputs to be monitored as waveforms or vectors.

The WT1600 has a fundamental accuracy of 0.1 per cent and a crest factor capability of three at full-scale input which makes it ideally suited to a wide range of power measurement applications – from high-sensitivity energy-saving investigations to high-power measurements in rotating machinery.

Sentinel polyphase launched

SchlumbergerSema has released the Sentinel, a solid-state, electronic multi measurement polyphase meter. The self-contained or transformer-rated meter is ideally suited for use in commercial and industrial locations, including large industrial sites and substations.

The meter provides customers with flexible data communications, input and output capabilities, and a range of software options. It can be easily upgraded and downgraded while in the field due to its platform flexibility.

The Sentinel meter is available as demand only or with upgrades to time-of-use and load profile. The meter provides additional flexibility with a variety of communication boards including: R300S/R300SD, modem, input output, RS-232 or RS-485 and CellNet. Alternative OEM communication boards are currently under development.

Switching switchgear

EA Technology is identifying potentially dangerous partial discharge activity occurring in high voltage switches on the Electricidad de Caracas network which serves the Venezuelan capital.

EA Technology has now submitted a report identifying suspect units and providing recommendations, which will assist in the production of a prioritized replacement programme to prevent further catastrophic failures and possible loss of life.

The company was contacted after catastrophic failures of three-phase oil filled switchgear with rating up to 12.5 kV. EA Technology’s Power Engineering Service department used its experience in non-invasive detection of partial discharges in HV switchgear to survey a sample of the equipment, which is located in basement substations around the capital.

The EA Technology team used MiniTEV, which measures partial discharge pulses, and an ultrasonic detector for the bulk of the survey and a Partial Discharge Locator (PDL1) to verify the location of discharges.

EA Technology’s non-invasive products collected partial discharge data without disrupting the network.
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Several switches exhibiting partial discharge activity were removed and examined. The use of non-invasive technology enabled EA Technology to gather detailed partial discharge data without system outages or disruptions to the network.