Revolutionary oxygen and toxic gas detector unleashed

Believed to be the first gas detector in the world to meet the needs of all toxic and oxygen requirements from a single platform, the new Draeger Polytron 7000 is ideal for use in any application requiring intrinsically safe gas detection.

Developed in conjunction with Draeger customers to provide a fast, straightforward solution to the constantly changing requirements of toxic gas and oxygen measurement in both new and existing installations, the system is both modular in concept and versatile in use.

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Featuring a host of optional system functionalities that can be mixed and matched to suit different applications, the Polytron 7000 can be upgraded as and when required.

Offering 4 ma to 20 ma and HART fieldbus capabilities, as well as sensor self-checking and data/event logging software, the system can also provide pump, relay and remote sensor modules. In addition, it is compatible with the PDA m515-Ex which can be used to configure the transmitter, transfer concentration data to a PC, or to copy one configuration to another transmitter.

A simple three-button navigation intuitively guides the user through the menu driven functions and a large graphic display incorporates descriptive icons, as well as plain text information to help with any diagnosis of the gas detector.

Designed to bring the maximum level of operational choice to the user, the system also utilizes the new Polytron docking station technology, which minimizes system downtime and simplifies maintenance.

The Polytron docking station can be pre-installed on walls and pipes without special mounting plates and, at commissioning can be easily connected to the transmitter by a quick-lock mechanism.

Enabling the fast removal and replacement of “like-for-like” sensors that are equipped with a data memory storing calibration information, the Polytron 7000 is also designed to accept a pre-calibrated sensor under the cost effective Draeger Sensor Exchange Programme.

Ensuring optimum performance and reliability, the system is fully compatible with the new electrochemical DraegerSensor range. Designed for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the toughest environments, DraegerSensors combine high sensitivity and long term stability with extended sensor longevity.

DraegerSensors feature an embedded data memory that stores all sensor specific data such as gas, sensitivity, self-test parameters, predictive maintenance functions, sensor vitality, temperature compensation data, cross-sensitivity data and calibration information.

Because the data are stored in the sensor and not in the transmitter calibration can be carried out anywhere and at any time. Eliminating the need for on-site calibration also means that as soon as the sensor is plugged into the transmitter all necessary information is downloaded to the transmitter without any further adjustments.

Fully certified to ATEX II 1G Eex ia IIC T4/6 and II 3G Eex ia IIC T6 (installation in Zone 2 without safety barrier), the Polytron 7000 conforms to IP67 as standard.

Bolt tensioner for wind turbine applications to cause a spin

A new hydraulic bolt tensioning tool designed specifically for wind turbine applications has been launched by specialist UK-based tool manufacturer Boltight.

Called the Typhoon, the tool provides a quick, simple, accurate and reliable solution for tightening critical bolted joints on today’s modern wind turbines.

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Optimized for size, weight and load capacity, it is ideal for tightening high load bolts quickly in confined spaces to precise measurements – a key benefit when working in windy, remote and harsh environments.

Applications for the Typhoon on a wind turbine include blade bolting, bearing to hub bolting, tower bolting, foundation bolting, outer frame bolting and hub to spindle bolting.

The product can be supplied to any size as either a single stage tool for use when tool height is restricted or as a multi stage tool for use when radial width is restricted. A multi-stage tool uses several hydraulic cells to generate extra load in a small diameter.

A special feature is the composite materials used to produce the Typhoon’s hydraulic piston seals. These offer easy piston return, exceptional reliability and long-life performance compared to other seal materials. Even after prolonged use the seals remain firm, do not get dislodged and are low maintenance.

Standard and special designs, including an optional gear drive for fast nut run-down, are available depending on customer requirements. Customers can also choose from a complementary range of 1500 bar pumps, flexible hoses and fittings.

The Typhoon is CE marked and is supplied with a comprehensive 100-page health and safety, operating and maintenance manual at no extra cost.

The product meets the 10.9 proof load requirement ASTM A490M and EN ISO 898-1:1999.

Siemens brings IEC compliant withdrawable switchgear technology to the UK

Siemens Transmission and Distribution are launching a range of withdrawable switchgear for industrial applications and power distribution systems into the UK market.

The new range of factory assembled, fully type tested switchgear, called SIMOPRIME, is compliant with the new IEC 62271-200 standard and is available in four different ratings, up to 7.2 kV, 12 kV, 15 kV and maximum rating of 17.5 kV, 31.5 kA. The switchgear, is an air insulated, metal-enclosed, metal-clad medium voltage product which uses vacuum switching technology and is specifically designed to maximize operator safety and service continuity.

To maximize safety, SIMOPRIME has been tested successfully for all the mandatory type test requirements under IEC 62271-200 and importantly has gained internal arc fault classification in line with the newly defined test conditions, thus protecting operators from the effects of such a fault.

Crucially, all switching operations, including emergency manual operations are conducted behind a closed door. Furthermore, SIMOPRIME is equipped with preventive mechanical interlocks to avoid incorrect operations. For example, movement of the switching device truck into service is only possible when the circuit breaker is switched off, the front door is closed, the low voltage plug is connected and the earthing switch is off.

In terms of productivity, SIMOPRIME utilises Siemens maintenance free vacuum interrupters resulting in high reliability and low maintenance and life-cycle costs. In line with the Loss of Service Continuity classification under the new IEC standard, SIMOPRIME meets the highest level of service continuity.

Furthermore, easy access to cables and busbars result in shorter installation time and lower installation costs.

Steve Goldspink, marketing manager at Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limitedcommented on the new switchgear: “For many years British industry has relied on fixed pattern switchgear because of a lack of availability of withdrawable switchgear in the UK market.”

“SIMOPRIME will help fill this gap by ensuring that industry has access to modern withdrawable switchgear which has been type tested to the latest standards, ensuring optimum operator safety and productivity” he added.

Compact connector uses new termination technique

The new Han Q 5/0 connector insert from Harting is a compact 5-pole unit, which uses the company’s innovative Han-Quick Lock termination technology for ease of installation combined with space saving.

The new connector is ideally suited to applications where power, signal and control connections need to be integrated in a compact installation, and is rated at 230/400 V and 16 A.

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The insert can be assembled into all the standard metal hoods and housings of Harting’s Han 3 A range.

The Han-Quick Lock termination technology allows rapid field assembly without special tools, leading to reduced wiring times and high reliability.

A normal screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly, and connection cross-sections from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm (AWG 20-14) can be terminated.

Material used in the connector include stainless steel for the spring in the locking system. It also has high-quality copper alloy for the contacts and polycarbonate for the insert.

According to Harting, the vibration-secure connection has a lifetime of over 500 mating cycles and a protection degree of IP 65/67.

SERV unveils latest range of modular interlocks

pFrench safety specialist SERV Trayvou Interverrouillage has introduced a new range of modular and completely mechanical interlocks, the NX.

The NX range comprises mechanical bolt locks, modules such as clasps for padlocks or electrical safety contacts, and accessories, including different types of access latch. The system relies on trapped-key technology.

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Since it is a modular range, the NX can be tailored to any application or change in working practice. As regulations or procedures evolve, modules can be removed and new features simply added to the existing unit.

The NX range complies with all European safety standards currently in force.

Made entirely from stainless steel, the heavy-duty NX series is suitable for the harshest environments. Typical applications include the power, concrete, chemical and electrical industries.