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Equipment Roundup

Kittiwake’s test cellperched for take off

UK manufacturer Kittiwake has announced the launch of its latest DIGI Test Cell, an instrument designed to provide maintenance engineers and condition monitoring experts with an accurate water in oil and total base number reading in minutes.

Designed to analyze multiple oil breakdown characteristics, the dual purpose DIGI Test Cell can measure both water in oil (0.02-1 per cent, 0-10 per cent, 0-20 per cent, 200-10,000 parts per million) and total base number (0-80 TBN) in one unit. Kittiwake says DIGI is designed for applications ranging from gearboxes and engines to power generators, compressors and other oil filled heavy plant and equipment.

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The cell features a display with step-bystep test instructions, a built in memory that automatically records previous test results and an LCD display showing direct readouts.

The pre-programmed software built into the cell takes the user through a step-by-step process to analyze the oil sample and deliver a result in just two minutes.

Red alert for sodium analyzer

The latest addition to the Alert range from Applikon Analytical is the new Alert 2003 sodium analyzer for the analysis of boiler feed water and treated water.

The analyzer utilizes the unique Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) methodology to remove interferences and validate each and every result as correct. The analysis is capable of determining sodium within the concentration range of 0.1 mg/l to 1.5 mg/l. The range of measurement of the electrode is from parts per billion to several thousand parts per million.

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The Alert 2003 for sodium is available in single or dual stream versions and the range is selected or adjusted by changing the standard solution used for automatic calibration. Calibration can be programmed for a user-defined frequency, along with additional cleaning programmes where required.

The running costs are kept to a minimum by low reagent use, typically less than 1 ml of buffer and 1 ml of sodium standard per analy sis, and minimal consumables. Attendance for planned maintenance is usually carried out on an annual basis.

Fibre optic sensor hits the spot

Sensor manufacturer Lumasense Technologies has launched the ThermAsset2 fibre optic winding temperature hotspot measurement system.

The system measures the winding hot spot temperature within a transformer in real-time and can activate control of the cooling system and transformer protection, allowing for safe and optimized operation of the transformer during overload conditions.

ThermAsset2 offers the choice of two, four, six or eight measurement channels, and is designed with six programmable ‘setpoints’, plus relays with individual LED alarm indicators. There also system fault and status relay indicators.

Brett Sargent, director of energy products, said: “It is accepted that direct winding hot spot temperature measurement is the only safe means to activate cooling fans and pumps for reliable operation at optimum load capacity. It is also the best method to assess the life of a transformer.”