Equipment Roundup

New software sees future problems, today

Digital Inspections has launched a new software module that will help utilities utilize data more effectively for detecting equipment problems in advance. The Cascade Algorithm and Rules Engine (CARE) module is available to existing Cascade users as well as users of other maintenance management databases.

The company claims that by using constructing and scheduling algorithms based on various forms of equipment data and tests, the software will enable utilities to see problems before they manifest themselves as failures. Users are able to construct their own formulas combining both manually collected and automated data that define formula-based events for CARE.

Remote monitoring 24-7-365

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A new remote monitoring and management service, which makes use of Internet and mobile communications technologies, has been created by Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). The PowerReporter service provides continuous surveillance of UPS activity and can trigger an immediate alert to the company’s service centre.

Upon receiving an alert, a UPS service engineer can interrogate the parameters using a laptop and from there make an informed decision on the best solution. Users of the service get 24-hour attention to their power system performance.

MFG offers carbon fibre blade

Ohio-based Molded Fiber Glass Companies has entered the wind turbine market with a 34.5m composite wind turbine blade system. The blade system, which incorporates carbon fibre in the internal spar, is produced in an infusion process. The blade also has a new proprietary gel coat for improved blade weathering and enhanced UV resistance.

The company is working with the US DOE to test the new vacuum infusion process and materials to reduce blade weight. It should be ready to implement the blade design this year.

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