Enron looks to sell Sutton Bridge

Enron is hoping to capitalise on the increases in values of UK power stations by seeking potential buyers for the Sutton Bridge power station.

The 790 MW gas fired combined cycle station, which cost £337m to build, was only commissioned this year. Several large UK and international generators and power suppliers have expressed an interest in buying a stake in the plant.

Enron said there had been changes in the UK market, increasing the value of power station investments since it started building the plant in 1997. It was now looking to capture some of that increased value of the plant.

The company said, however, that it had no plans to sell its interests in the 1875 MW Teesside cogeneration plant and that it would continue to seek permits to develop two further 1200 MW gas fired plants at the Isle of Grain in Kent and Rassau in Gwent, Wales.