Energy from sewerage system heats and cools major military hospital

Budapest’s Military Hospital State Health Centre is now heated and cooled using energy recovered from urban sewage and wastewater networks. The project was completed using Thermowatt technology.

The thermal energy recovered from the underlying sewerage and wastewater provides heating for the two biggest buildings, amounting to forty thousand square metres, of this large hospital complex.

On hot days, the system also cools the buildings by dumping excess heat back into the wastewater stream. It’s capable of both heating and cooling different parts of the same building simultaneously.
Comprising a 3.8 MW unit (3.2 MW for cooling), this is Thermowatt’s largest installation to date and the largest of its kind in the world. It’s also the third operational system in the city of Budapest.

Even without Government subsidy, the financial investment is returned in less than ten years.

Mr. Csaba Hende, the Hungarian Minister of Defence noted that having the system in place in this NATO hospital not only saved money, but underpinned military security by providing energy independence.

Thermowatt’s Managing Director, Mr. Pàƒ¡l Kiss, said: “After six years of developing and operating Thermowatt systems we have the expertise to design and build heating and cooling solutions for large buildings and building complexes of any size, given an adequate wastewater stream.”

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