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Encorp bolsters US military’s on-site power facilities

On-site power specialists Encorp LLC, today announced its recent installation of a microgrid at Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma ” the fifth major military or defense contractor site to feature an Encorp microgrid-like system for greater energy surety.

The microgrid project at Fort Sill’s 94,000-acre base was completed in September with the selected microgrid system capable of providing around-the-clock, reliable onsite energy to offset utility power consumption at the massive base, which is home to 20,000 permanent personnel and sites that train nearly 20,000 new artillery soldiers each year.

Encorp officials expect the installation will be the first of many as the Fort Sill base continues to grow and update its infrastructure.

At military bases, universities and other campus-like environments, microgrids are becoming a sought-after power source to achieve net-zero status ” the designation that recognizes energy-neutral facilities that produce onsite energy to offset consumption.

Encorp’s microgrid includes collaborative concepts from Sandia National Laboratory and the Army Corps of Engineers. Fort Sill’s advanced system links four generator sets that were installed years ago. Operators remotely dispatch the generators using Encorp controls that can interconnect just one generator with the base’s utility grid, or all at once.

When the grid fails, Encorp controls allow the generators to operate independently. When grid connected, the microgrid can dispatch 1 MW of power at the mission critical facility.

“We know of additional military sites that are considering similar microgrids,” said Michael Clark, Encorp’s president. “The Army Corps of Engineers is instituting energy savings and energy surety approaches across many military bases to integrate legacy generator assets with newer green generation sources.

We continue to work closely with several national labs and other government agencies to further bolster the microgrid platform. Microgrids are a cost-effective means to increase power reliability for campus-like environments ” both commercial and government ” that want to obtain net zero status.”

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