Dusseldorf Airport powered by CHP

Dàƒ¼sseldorf International Airport has proven to be a good example of how the demands for combined heat and power (CHP) can be optimally met by gas engines and power generators from MWM.

MWM, a Mannheim-based company teamed up with the plant’s operator, the municipal utility Stadtwerke Dàƒ¼sseldorf, to configure the two heat-controlled CHP units. At the heart of the CHP system are two natural gas-fired TCG 2020 V12 engines.

Dusseldorf Airport

The heat that is generated is fed into the airport’s heating system as a base load that is used to heat facilities like hangars and aircraft maintenance buildings. The total electrical output is 2 x 999 kW, and the total thermal output is 2 x 1197 kW.

A unique feature of this twin system, which is individually housed in noise control enclosures, is that the airport’s existing Heating Plant III was expanded to include a powerhouse equipped with heat-controlled medium-voltage modules combined with a stratified heat storage tank, all integrated directly into the active heating system.

The electrical power that is generated as a byproduct is fed into the public power grid to help meet peak-load requirements. The multiple-engine systems, which were designed to operate efficiently and take up the least possible space, were installed within a short time frame and put into service for Stadtwerke Dàƒ¼sseldorf.

Looking back, manager of the plant, Michael Heidepeter thinks the decision to go with MWM was the right one. “Since the project was completed in 2010 and our own district heating system was optimized to operate with the CHP plant, the plant has been working perfectlyࢀ”day in, day out.”

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