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Dual-channel control

Dual-channel control

The Series 988D vertical 1/8 DIN dual channel process control and the horizontal 1/8 DIN Series 989D offer two channels of PID control in a single package. With up to six outputs, the control is designed to handle most applications where multiple processes need to be controlled. Two analog inputs accept 11 different thermocouple types, RTD and scaleable process inputs. The system`s single event input allows the operator to reset an alarm remotely, turn control outputs off, or lock out the front panel. Six output options provide flexibility including dual heat/cool outputs per channel, two alarm outputs, retransmit output and optional digital communications. Series 988D/989D is packaged with a NEMA 4X front panel to withstand harsh environments, a 4-inch case depth and touch-safe wiring terminal.


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