Dresser-Rand is to take advantage of its appearance at POWER-GEN Europe 2012 to showcase product lines designed to provide environmental solutions that help meet client sustainability goals and improve the bottom-line.

Visitors of Dresser-Rand booth #6E141 will be introduced to a variety of eco-efficient offerings designed for the power generation and environmental markets, including Dresser-Rand steam turbines, combined heat and power solutions, Guascor® gas engines, and gas turbines.

“Whether our client’s business is a hospital, a food manufacturer or an electrical utility, there is one thing they all have in common—the desire to develop a sustainable energy infrastructure,” said Marco Rossi, vice president and general manager of Environmental Solutions at Dresser-Rand. “Dresser-Rand has the right product technologies to help its clients meet their individual sustainability goals and requirements, whether it is through a steam turbine, a combined heat and power system or a gas turbine. At POWER-GEN Europe, we’ll showcase a number of reliable environmental solutions that reduce energy consumption, use waste heat, lower emissions and contribute to a positive return on investment.”

Visitors of the Dresser-Rand booth can also learn how to optimize the energy potential of their facility by combining their heating with on-site power production.

The exhibit will clarify how CHP systems can be designed to accommodate a wide range of fuels including natural gas, diesel, biogas, biodiesel, waste heat, hot water, waste steam, and biomass, and typically range from 100kWe to 2.5MWe with larger capacities available with the incorporation of multi-train systems.

Visitors exploring fuel options for CHP systems will be able to compare the generation of electricity in a thermal power station and the production of heat with a boiler versus the simultaneous generation of electricity and heat in a cogeneration plant equipped with a Guascor power gas engine, which offers savings of about one third the traditional thermal power station / boiler alternative.

Industries that can take advantage of CHP systems can select from a variety of design options and system configurations to match their system requirements and physical plant capabilities.

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