Dorman Diesels wins German Telekom contracts

Dorman Diesels Ltd. has garnered three German Telekom contracts for power generation engines in Stuttgart, Frieburg and Magdeburg, with a combined order value of more than (US)$647,000. Dorman was in competition with traditional German manufacturers for the contracts, which required ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration and demonstration of technological advances. The engines chosen exceeded TA-LUFT emissions regulations.

Telekom`s Districtcentral in Stuttgart needed an engine to power a 1,600-kVA generator, and chose a 16-cylinder 1,500 rpm Dorman engine. The Districtcentral station in Frieburg needed slightly less power for its 1,250-kWA generator and chose a 12-cylinder 1,500 rpm engine. Magdeburg needed the most power for its 2,000-kVA generator and it selected a 16-cylinder 1,500 rpm engine.