Document system

Composed of four products, the Engineering Document System is based on advanced digital document-processing technologies and a modular architecture that enables customers to accelerate the movement of mission-critical documents. The Virtual Printroom is networked software designed to transform all of a company`s document capture and printing devices into a single, effective document distribution system. Xerox ES150 is composed of three modules that together offer a digital system capable of copying, scanning, printing, plotting and storing hard copy and electronic files and print them as high-resolution, graphics-intensive technical documents. Designed for centralized environments where high-volume production and high-quality documents are required, the Xerox ES180 is the world`s fastest highlight-color, digital reprographics system for engineering and technical document applications. Specialized document- and data-related production services are provided by Xerox Document & Data Services by migrating documents to new media, typically from paper and film to digital formats.