Michigan hosts solar powered brewery

A brewery in Michigan, US is using a next generation solar panel system to power its manufacturing process.

Detroit-based Power Panel, Inc. has commissioned its largest next-generation solar panel system to date on Michigan’s first solar brewery. Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, Michigan,
Corner Brewery
The soar power facility will provide both electricity and heat energy used in the beer making process. The 140 solar panels installed for the project will produce a combined 16.1 kW of electricity, and 89.6 kW of equivalent thermal energy.

Power Panel systems are designed to circulate water though the panel in a non-pressurized, drain-back system. This process collects thermal energy from the panel while actively cooling the photovoltaic (PV) cells ” increasing electrical output. As a result, Power Panel systems are able to collect four times the amount of energy as compared to traditional PV panels.

Thermal energy is stored in Power Panel’s patented modular thermal storage tank.

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