Dawson-Keith reduces excessive noise

Following the investment by TT Group plc of over £1m ($1.6m) in metal fabricating equipment, Dawson-Keith, a subsidiary, has launched a new range of acoustically insulated canopies for its diesel gensets with power outputs of 30 kVA to 250 kVA.

Drawing on their 50 years experience of producing diesel gensets, they have developed the ideal application for wherever noise is an issue, The canopies have a compact design with easy access to the equipment via large, lockable doors. A robust stainless steel construction allows the canopy to be lifted for maintenance and a single-point `A`-frame provides a lifting point for the complete plant.

Additional features include a control panel viewing window, a removable battery access panel and the option of a weatherproof finish. All Dawson-Keith sound attenuated enclosures comply with the latest EU noise legislation.