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Cummins Generator Technologies is taking the lead in supporting forthcoming legislative requirements in the German power grid.

On January 1 2013, there is a requirement for compulsory compliance to Grid Codes in the German market. The legislation will deliver security and continuity of supply as the grid moves to more distributed power generation.

Cummins Generator Technologies’ development of generators to meet the new grid code requirements is ahead of market requirements and demonstrates the company’s technology leadership position. These developments will help customers to deliver Grid Code Compliant generating sets in advance of the new legislation.

“We are supporting our OEM customers and the power industry in delivering products and solutions as they endeavour to meet this important legislation” said Ben Miller, managing director of Cummins Generator Technologies. “Our AC generators will enable generating sets to be Grid Code Compliant in the power range 0.6–18 MVA.”

“As our customers look to grow and expand, Cummins Generator Technologies aims to be an important partner, helping to ensure that their products remain market leading whilst also meeting the recognised legislative standards. Our customers trust us to effectively ensure they are getting the best product on the market at a fair price.”

The forthcoming legislation will accelerate the use of distributed power generation in the grid, providing more economic and environmentally friendly power to electricity users. Cummins Generator Technologies takes its commitment to climate change seriously, and partners with legislative and regulatory entities to support sound policy to influence climate change.

Cummins Generator Technologies expects to make further detailed announcements about Grid Code Compliant product availability to meet German market requirements in 2013 and later Entso-E requirements for pan-European compliance starting from 2015.

Cummins Power Generation has also announced two new internationally styled and designed diesel generator set ranges for global markets. Both are powered by proven Cummins engines and are maintenance-friendly. CE-certification and compliance with international standards make them ideal for a wide variety of applications around the world, including remote locations.

The new low-range 40–75 kVA generator sets deliver quieter, fuel-efficient power. They feature the rugged and reliable Cummins S3.8 Series engine, already proven in the field. The new medium-range 90–125 kVA generator sets offer robust design and utilise Cummins proven 6BTA5.9 Series engine.

Both ranges offer a wide array of features, plus options including sound attenuating enclosures and double-walled fuel tanks.

“These new ranges are ideally suited to diverse applications such as small businesses, commercial property, residential, healthcare and agriculture – and in the case of the low-range, telecoms applications too,” said Antonio Leitao, vice-president of Power Products.

Offering reduced operating costs, the new low-range sets are a step forward in quieter, dependable power.

The 150-litre fuel tank delivers 12 hours of performance at 75% load. Next-generation control technology is provided in the form of the PowerCommand® 0500 system, which includes an easy-to-use operator interface and navigation, plus remote start capability and alarm display.

Brazil’s Maquigeral bought by Kohler Power Systems

Kohler Power Systems, which manufactures generators, automatic transfer switches and switchgear, has acquired Brazilian-based generator company Maquigeral.

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Maquigeral brings a 50-year heritage, sales channels and a product line from 30–750 kVA, plus uninterrupted power supply services to the Kohler family of products.

“We were persuaded to invest in Brazil because of its strong economic potential, and a growing need for primary and backup power systems,” said Herbert V. Kohler, Jr, chair and CEO of Kohler. “Maquigeral represents an excellent building block in South America.”

SDMO, Kohler’s French subsidiary, will manage Maquigeral. Initially, the company will focus on Brazil by increasing the product range and introducing additional technology to the current product offering. Sandra Battistella will continue as general manager, reporting to Jean-Marie Soula, managing director of SDMO.

Georges LeGall, SDMO’s director of engineering, will relocate to Brazil and serve as Maquigeral’s deputy general manager.

APR clinches in 120 MW deal in Cyprus


International temporary power provider APR Energy announced today that it has finalised a large contract with the Electric Authority of Cyprus (EAC) for the supply of temporary power to the island.

The 120 MW diesel-powered solution was contracted by EAC as a peak season application to help fulfill energy needs for the summer. The contract award aligns closely with APR Energy’s strategy to expand its reach in the European power market.

“With already reduced capacity, Cyprus is now anticipating a surge in demand from the hot summer season,” said John Campion, APR Energy Chief Executive Officer.

“Our fast-track solutions provide Cyprus with the immediate temporary capacity it needs to bridge the gap and to quickly respond to customer demand,” he added.

The APR facility will be located at the Moni Power Station, approximately 20 kilometres east of Limassol, and will interconnect directly with the local electrical grid. Historically, the Moni Power Station has represented over 10 per cent of EAC’s total installed capacity. APR Energy’s contract with EAC provides fast-track installation, operation and maintenance of its temporary power solution.

APR has also won a 100 MW contract with Tractebel Energia de Monterrey, a subsidiary of IPR-GDF Suez, a major global electrical utility with operations in Mexico. The contract will provide for rapid deployment of gas turbines and technical support at the Monterrey Cogeneration facility in Nuevo Leon.

Campion said: “We are delighted to be of assistance to GDF Suez in its need for temporary power. The contract is also further evidence of the benefits of having Pratt & Whitney gas turbines within our fleet and is the third major gas turbine project we have signed. We look forward to working with GDF Suez over this year and beyond.”

Atlas Copco to open new competence centre in Spain

Atlas Copco plans to open a new competence centre in Europe to optimise its expertise in generator development and production.

The new Atlas Copco Generator Competence Centre will be located in Zaragoza, Spain, and is scheduled to be in full operation by 2013.

The decision to launch a new competence centre in Spain for generators was announced today by Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division during a press conference at the Intermat show in Paris.

The centre will be housed at the 37 000 sq m facility of Gesan, the Spanish generator manufacturer, which was acquired by Atlas Copco less than one year ago.

It will incorporate the production of Atlas Copco’s entire QAS generator range, currently manufactured in Antwerp, Belgium, and act as a development hub for all Atlas Copco generator brands. The centre is expected to have approximately 200 employees, an increase of about 50 on today’s workforce in Zaragoza, and will serve worldwide markets.

Until now, the Belgian plant has been acting as a competence centre for both generators and compressors, but in the future will focus only on compressors. QAX and QAC range generators will, however, continue to be produced in Antwerp.

Geert Follens, president of Atlas Copco Portable Energy, says: “This is a major step in our efforts to optimise our generator expertise and production capability, and we are pleased to be able to do this on the site of the Gesan factory, which is strategically placed in the heart of Europe and has solid experience of producing high-quality generators.”

Alongside the QAS generator range, the Zaragoza plant will also be responsible for producing Gesan and Chicago Pneumatic branded generators. The facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Caterpillar hails C175-20 as ‘true breakthrough’

Caterpillar claims its C175-20 genset offers the greatest power output of any high-speed diesel genset.

The 20-cylinder C175 produces the greatest power output of any single high-speed diesel generator set on the market, producing up to 4 MW of power, requiring less maintenance and provideing the highest power density of any current high-speed generator set.

“The C175-20 represents a true breakthrough in generator set technology,” said Robert Koval, Investors Projects general manager of Caterpillar Electric Power Division. “Others have made promises about similar offerings, but the C175 is the largest high-speed generator on the market, period. And better yet, it’s available today.”

The C175-20 package is built on the proven C175 platform, which has demonstrated its reliability in Cat® machines and other power generation applications.

The C175-20 has the same core engine parts as the C175-16, which has been in use across the globe in a variety of applications since 2008.

Because they’re built with the same basic engine design and to the same engineering targets, the C175-20 is as reliable and durable as the current C175-16 generator set. The high-power density of the C175-20 generator set provides more power from a smaller footprint.

A single 4 MW C175-20 represents a 55 per cent reduction in footprint when compared with two 2 MW 3516B generator sets and a 28 per cent reduction when compared with a 4 MW 3612.

Certified to EPA Stationary Emergency Tier 2 emissions limits, the C175-20 is a sustainable option for power generation.

Cat aftertreatment solutions are available to further reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx), hydrocarbons and particulate matter.

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