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Cummins delivers reliable power for sustainable buildings

Designed by Arup Associates, the 20-storey Ropemaker development is destined to become one of London’s most attractive yet sustainable buildings.

Offering over 54 400 square metres of the most flexible office accommodation for both professional and financial service occupiers, the building incorporates two large trading floors, expansive roof terraces overlooking London and a double height atrium with innovative public art by Jason Bruges.

The Ropemaker office development, located near to Moorgate tube station, is set to enable occupiers to reduce energy and water use, cut down waste, decrease carbon emissions and lower associated costs. All energy used for heating water and space will come from renewable sources, generating enough power to run 7000 washing machine cycles.

A reliable source of standby power is required to ensure the delivery of an uninterrupted supply of power to the residential, retail and commercial units occupying the building and Arup Associates involved Cummins Power Generation UK in the project from an early stage, inviting Cummins to assist in the proposed layout of the generators and any auxiliary equipment.

This application presented the challenge of six individual LV switchboards each with a separate incoming supply. The required control philosophy treats each of these supplies independently, and requires DMC200 to instigate generator support for a failure of supply at any one, multiple or all switchboards.

With the switchboards each located in physically separate locations, additional safety is provided by the DMC200 which monitors emergency switches (EPO’s) at each location and immediately responds by isolating generator supply to that individual switchboard, without affecting the efficient operation at all the other switchboards.

Cummins Power Generation UK’s ability to overcome the building’s spatial constraints during the initial layout phase stood the business in good stead to win the contract to supply four generator sets capable of delivering 8 MW power with an associated noise level below 63db(A).

The decision to appoint Cummins Power Generation UK was also heavily influenced by the design consultant’s specifications, which identified the four C2500 D5A Cummins Power Generation generator sets and DMC 200 controls as the system of choice.





Small but mighty: Finning’s Cat gensets deliver more power in less space


With industry placing increasing demands on the environmental and the financial impact of generating increasing amounts of electricity, Finning Power Systems has introduced the new Cat C175 family of compact diesel generator sets.

Purposed-designed to deliver increased power in less space, the C175 has a footprint of just 11.8 m2, with the capability to generate 2-4 MW of electricity. Caterpillar claims that it has the smallest footprint of any high-speed generator set in the industry.

This makes the machines ideal for faster and easier installation or retrofitting in to existing powerhouses, such as data centres, that require substantially increased electrical power within the existing space.

Finning Power Systems has a long track record and capability of providing total power solutions worldwide which includes; feasibility studies, detailed design, supply, delivery, offloading, installation, commissioning and testing, and full operation and maintenance services. Solutions can include sound attenuation, fuel systems, switchgear, UPS, side wide custom designed SCADA with remote control and monitoring services, and civil packages. The company also has a wide range of finance solutions available.

Says Mark Barnes, general manager for Finning’s Electrical Power Generation division: “Industry’s electrical power requirements are changing. There is a rising demand for power, but this is set against tougher emissions standards and restrictions on space.

“The new C175 family of generator sets has been designed to address these needs, incorporating Caterpillar’s tried and tested technology in a highly compact and efficient package.”

Based on the proven reliability and efficiency of the Cat 3500 generator series, the new C175 family incorporates ACERT technology with advances in the air management system, fuel management and electronics. It boosts power while improving efficiency and lowering emissions. The result is a generator set capable of delivering 2-4 MW of power at 1800 rpm and 2-4MVA of power at 1500 rpm in a compact package. It is available in three different sizes.

The C175 cooling system is designed to cool only the parts that require it, resulting in a 20 to 30 percent improvement in heat rejection per kilowatt produced. A tall, cross-flow cylinder head accommodates large ports and helps direct a large amount of cool air into the cylinder with minimal resistance. The design helps provide the engine with higher power density and reduced cooling needs by minimizing heat transfer between both the intake and exhaust ports, as well as the manifolds.

The new generators also use the Cat Common Rail Fuel System. This offers full control of fuel delivery and pressure at any load or speed, to deliver a superior transient response and block load acceptance as well as shorter recovery times.

The system also improves cold start capability, lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions.

Caterpillar has also made significant improvement in the control and monitoring functionality. The C175 has more pressure and temperature sensors than the Cat 3500 series and the engine’s controls use the latest version of the ADEM A4 Engine Control Module (ECM) to deliver 50 times the computing power of its predecessor.

Finning Power Systems can configure and scale the controls to meet specific needs. Fully featured power metering, protective relaying and engine control and monitoring are all readily available. Information and diagnostics are provided through one port using the open communication protocol Modbus.

Increased power efficiency means that the components of the C175 are designed for higher strength and durability.


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