Congress issues subpoenas to White House for Enron information

May 23, 2002 — The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday issued a congressional subpoena to the Bush administration for records of its interactions with Enron Corp.

Later that day, the White House has turned over some material showing its contacts with former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay, Reuters News Service reported.

Sen. Joe Lieberman had initiated the move for the subpoena because he said the Bush administration was delaying the release of information in response to a two-month-old request.

The administration released seven pages of material that showed many links with Kenneth Lay and promised more as further information becomes available. Lay served on a transition committee that searched for people to fill energy positions in the government. He recommended 21 people for positions in the administration, three of whom were appointed.

The two subpoenas were sent to the offices of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. They ordered information by June 3 of any contacts with Enron concerning eight agencies that regulate corporations and energy, or about Bush’s energy plan.

Enron filed for bankruptcy on Dec. 2, 2001, after an accounting scandal broke which is still under investigation by several agencies.

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