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Conectiv Communications – some system capabilities

Conectiv Communications – some system capabilities

ࢀ¢ SONET – Synchronous Optical Network, offering the ultimate in bandwidth, speed, redundancy and survivability. SONET transports voice, data, image and video at gigabytes per second, virtually error-free. SONET is self-healing, automatically re-routing traffic over protective circuits the instant any problem is detected.

ࢀ¢ Customized, integrated voice and data arrangements – a mix of dedicated leased lines or enhanced services such as Frame Relay, Primary Rate ISDN, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

ࢀ¢ Comprehensive offerings – local, regional toll, long distance, voice and data networking.

ࢀ¢ Regional calling plans – Plans can be customized by the client to provide access across multi-state areas to reduce toll charges.

ࢀ¢ Disaster planning and recovery – ability to offer customers the option of installing Conectiv Communications` facilities at the customers` primary and secondary locations, providing the ability for near-instantaneous re-routing of all traffic through Conectiv Communications` network.

ࢀ¢ Network management – the Network Operations Centre (NOC), located near Christiana, DE, monitors the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This monitoring includes each customer`s circuits and ensures quick response to any trouble. Familiarity with the region also adds to the company`s ability to quickly respond to any problems.

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