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Cogeneration favoured in US state bill

Governor of Ohio John Kasich has signed into law comprehensive energy Senate Bill 315 in the US state, which is a positive move for cogeneration companies.

Among its provisions, the new law calls for accelerated review by the Power Siting Board of the Public Utilities Commission of waste heat recovery permit applications.

John Kasich

Recovered waste heat from manufacturing processes can be used as the basis for combined heat and power systems, which can help Ohio manufacturers increase their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.à‚  It also extends the payback period for state buildings from 15 to 20 years for installment contracts for energy conservation measures that are cogeneration systems.

With its strong industrial base, Ohio could become one of America’s leading states in capturing waste heat.

The new legislation may facilitate by encouraging industrialists to adopt cogeneration and waste energy recovery projects.

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