Cofely to operate Sullom Voe station

GDF SUEZ subsidiary company Cofely has been awarded a contract by BP to supply utility services to the giant oil and gas Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT) (pictured) on Scotland’sà‚ Shetland Islands.

The 11 year deal will see Cofely lease the SVT power station and delivering a programme of major maintenance and investment works on the existing energy plant, which supplies 20 MWe as well as 120 tonnes/hour of steam. Opportunities to improve energy efficiency will also be identified and evaluated as part of the contract.

The SVT power station consists of four dual fuel gas turbines each rated at 23 MW and fitted with a heat recovery steam generator and a bypass stack. The primary fuel is natural gas with distillate fuel-oil as a back-up.

Cofely’s primary responsibility will be to operate the power station to ensure reliable supplies of energyà‚  ” as well as nitrogen and compressed air to the terminal.

Power will also be exported to the local Shetland grid under a Power Purchase Agreement.

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