Californian jail powered by on-site renewables

S&C Electric Company, a global leader in smart grid solutions and renewable energy integration, has the completion of an energy storage project at the Santa Rita Jail in California, US. à‚ 

The new energy storage solution features S&C’s PureWaveà‚® Storage Management System and helps integrate on-site renewable energy sources and storage at the facility.

The battery storage capabilities enable the jail to purchase power during non-peak hours from the local utility and store the reservesࢀ”a process that will end up saving the jail nearlyà‚ $100,000 dollarsà‚ per year.

The energy storage system is a key component of the jail’s smart microgrid that was engineered and built by Chevron Energy Solutions. The microgrid serves a correctional facility that covers 113 acres and combines solar, wind, and fuel cell energy sources, along with emergency diesel backup, to generate electricity for the facility, which uses 3 MW of electricity daily.

During times when the facility is islanded from the local utility grid, the energy storage system balances the microgrid’s load with the total power generated from on-site sources by automatically and instantly storing any energy generated in excess of the load requirements.

The energy storage system also supplies electricity if demand exceeds what the onsite generation sources are generating.

To add the needed energy balancing to the microgrid, S&C provided a 2-MW PureWaveà‚® Storage Management System to control the charging and discharging of lithium-ion batteries.

“With the stored energy system, the Santa Rita Jail can use on-site renewable generation to power the facility in the event of a power disruption on the utility grid,” saysà‚ Jim Sember, S&C Vice Presidentࢀ”Power Quality Products.

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