The HHCT-6 high-accuracy combination milliamp simulator and meter has many pre-programmed operating modes. Unit has an input/output range from 0 to 21 mA and accuracy of plus or minus0.05 percent of range. HHCT-6 has user-programmable setups backed up with nonvolatile memory for repeated special tests. Both the simulate and measure modes operate with an internal 24-V power source. Unit can be programmed with either mA or percent-of-scale data. Unit is protected with PTC resistors instead of fuses, which automatically reset when a fault condition is corrected. Protection is provided between any combination of terminations in the input and output connectors. Dimensions are 7 inches by 2.9 inches by 1.1 inches, with a unit weight of 10 ounces. Unit is powered by a 9-V battery.

Newport Electronics Inc.